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Bonding improves retention, productivity, morale, and engagement.

  • Belonging to a community improves overall happiness.

  • Meeting new people, activities, and groups within the community creates more loyal and happy people.

  • Personal relationships with co-workers increases the bond and makes it harder to leave an organization.

All of these factors maximize a company’s profitability and ROI.


Workbond Testimonials


Workbond’s engaging platform allows employees to find shared interests, groups, and activities.

Ricardo Duran, Account Specialist (SF Bay Area, CA)

“On weekends I enjoy taking my French Bulldog (Luna) on walks. With Workbond, it was so cool to learn there were 20 other Frenchie owners at my work. We now get together for regular play dates on the weekend.  While Luna has become extremely popular, I have met new people from different workgroups that I never would have worked with.”


Workbond’s easy to use platform focuses on FUN. The experience is different than Slack or Yammer.

Lindsey Laden, Employee Support (San Jose, CA)

“When I get a Slack notification—my first thought is that there is a work related issue I need to resolve. The exact opposite experience with Workbond. It’s a fun platform. I created an event for happy hour when my colleague from France was visiting. It was so cool that co-workers I never knew came out to welcome our visiting college and to have fun.”


Workbond’s platform fosters relationships. Once you meet your “work family” it is hard to leave them behind.

Deirdre McMahon, Special Education Teacher (Sunnyvale, CA)

“I relocated for the job. I did not know anybody in my new city or at my job. Workbond’s platform helped me establish my work family. We became a tight-nit work group and for fun. We ENJOYED hanging out with each other’s birthdays, milestone events, relationship breakups and new relationships. We are there for each other. It has been three years and our core group is still together.”