See what other members are interested in, from wine tasting to running.

– Connects members based on their interests and groups

– Chat and create groups with interesting members

– Integrates new members in a fun way to organizations

– Allows organization and members to arrange events and gatherings

– Allows multi-location feeds—empowers traveling members

– Share pictures from gatherings and events to attract new members to interest groups


Personal and fun profiles to break the ice with members.

– Allows users to share their passions and hobbies

– Connects multiple office and country locations

– Fun ice-breakers like 'After work, you can find me…' or 'I know the best spot in town for…'

– Ability to create open company culture without violating privacy

– Secure data privacy for organization use only

– Workbond does not share user's data to third parties


Users can create, discover and join different interest groups and events.

– Allows the organization to create groups, both private and public

– Empowers members to create new interest groups to share passions and activities

– Connects the members of the organizations in a fun way

– Group chat

– Share pictures

– Create and plan events

– Motivate and challenge others


Allows the organization to launch campaigns and competitions to boost healthier lifestyle and engagement within the organization.

– Create activities—notify other users nearby who might be interested

– Post ad-hoc events like 'Afterwork tonight' or 'Lunch walk tomorrow'

– Earn rewards by being an active organizer or for your active lifestyle