What Do Employees Value?

Is it bigger paychecks? A bigger office perhaps? If you said those, you would be close.

Studies show increasingly that employees want more work/life balance. They also want an employer who listens and is empathetic to their needs as well as work that is personally fulfilling to them.

It is no surprise that Millennials now account for 35% of the workforce. This is quite a sea-change from previous generations who were saddled with climbing the corporate ladder at all costs in search of their golden egg. With social security up in the air for the Millennial generation (there may not be any left when it’s our turn) it makes sense that we want to make NOW a better place and time and that includes where we work.


An article from Forbes, detailing Flexibility, well-being, and purpose reiterates these points

We like mini-trips and staycations with our friends and demand that our workplace work for us. Freelancing is becoming another huge trend as well. Because we know that we are going to work longer (in years), more odd hours (work never stops pinging us), and more overtime; we demand more flexibility as to how and where we get stuff done.

As a result of all these demands on the new workforce, work/life balance has become absolutely essential. A happy side effect of all this well-being is: MORE PRODUCTIVITY!

Garrett Collins