Positive Workplace Culture

There is a built in culture at your workplace already… What’s yours?

That’s right, within your business there is already an underlying culture. Whether that is happy, well connected, or well off, it exists, without us even having to actively participate. This also affects your business.

As business leaders, it is our job to cultivate a vibrant and healthy work culture. Some leaders ignore their workplace culture and just focus on output and yet some are champions of their workforce and jump in to help and lead from the front. It is important to ask ourselves when evaluating, what kind of workplace culture we want.

An article by the Harvard Business Review states that there are huge financial and monetary repercussions for health, disengagement, turnover within your business if your work culture is not positive, happy and healthy.

To combat this, companies put in place all sorts of systems from well-being and health plan incentives to gamification. But it all basically boils down to a few simple principles.

Positive Social Connections and Empathy. That’s it. Studies show that people are more friendly, egalitarian, and more productive if they feel comfortable and well cared for in the workplace. Likewise, those same studies showed that if they had poor connections at work in a high stress environment, their health and livelihood suffered. In other words, they were less productive and out sick more, with higher turnover.

So next time when evaluating your workplace productivity, it might behoove you to take a look at the underlying culture.

Garrett Collins