Privacy Policy

Workbond values privacy and believes itself to be fully compliant with the GDPR privacy protection laws. This page is dedicated to quickly answer any questions you might have about the processing of personal information in the Workbond application.

Who is collecting this information?

Any personal information referred to in this Privacy Policy is being collected by Workbond, Inc., a corporation incorporated in the state of Delaware. In this document, the term 'Workbond' or 'data controller' may be used to refer to Workbond, Inc. This Privacy Policy applies to the Workbond mobile application.

Secure data transfer

This application transmits all data using HTTPS, encrypting all data between the app and the server. Your network provider may still be able to see that you are loading files from Workbond, but not the content.

Personal information in Workbond:

Below is a description of exactly what personal information is processed and Workbond's justification for doing so.

Email address

All users are required to provide a valid email address in order to use Workbond. Processing of this personal information is necessary for purposes of preventing fraud, a legitimate interest of the data controller as defined by Recital 47 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Real name, photo, gender, work address

Users are required to enter additional personal details (real name, gender, work address) and optionally a profile photo. Processing of this personal information is in the legitimate interest of Workbond for purposes of creating a functional social networking environment.

This personal information is not displayed anywhere to the public via this app; it is only made available to other members of your organization. Only members of the Workbond board of directors and the administrator are able to access this information, outside of your organization. Such access of information is in the legitimate interest of Workbond, for purposes of preventing fraud, abuse, or other malignant intent.

When submitting content to the platform

Workbond is a mobile application, which allows users to contribute information and free expression towards a social network. Workbond does not allow the anonymous uploading of content. It is in the legitimate interest of Workbond to require user registration for the use of this application, as Workbond is a social networking application and cannot function through an anonymity.

For more information on the policies and obligations regarding user-submitted content, please review Workbond's Terms & Conditions.

Emails, notifications and contact

Workbond may email you to confirm registration, reset your lost password (if requested), and inform of any changes to this policy or the terms and conditions. You will also receive an email notification if you are found to be in violation of Workbond's Terms & Conditions.

Exercising your rights

As described above, this website collects a very limited amount of personal data, and you are notified about that here, in advance. Still, under EU law it has to be explicitly stated here that you may at any time demand information on, or deletion and correction of that data.

Information on all data stored about you

To request information about all data stored about your person, please contact us at email

Deletion of all data stored about you

To request deletion of all personal data stored about you, please contact us at email Workbond will remove the personal information about you in past activity logs; however, your personal information may remain in database backups.

Correction of data about you

If there is any personal data about you that you believe needs to be corrected, and you cannot correct it yourself through editing your profile, please contact us at email

File an official complaint

As an ultimate means to exercise your control over your personal data, in the EU, you may always file a complaint with your national data protection authorities. Workbond would still prefer to first hear from you personally; however, Workbond is legally obligated to disclose the full extend of your rights, as defined by the GDPR privacy protection laws.