Breaking down silos creating a more unified workplace



Actively disengaged employees negatively impact themselves, their co-workers, and the company


What is Workbond

An innovative solution of helping people break down silos, meet face-to-face, and become a more cohesive and engaging workplace.


How Workbond Can Help?


Employee Onboarding

Workbond humanises the employee experience by introducing people’s interests and passions to the company - helping ensure successful integration.

Employee innovation

Workbond’s Break-n-Bond™ Brainstorming or problem solving invitations bring people together to innovate while finding out-of-the-box solutions - driving solutions which impact company productivity.



Employee Inclusion and wellbeing

Workbond’s Break-n-Bond™ Lunch or Coffee invitation brings people together regardless of their title, department or age - creating a trusting and open workplace.

Workbond’s Break-n-Bond™ Breathing or Exercising invitation brings people together to share experiences while taking care of their mind and body in a social environment - creating a space for clear thinking.


“Workbond has improved our working community and helped us to onboard new teammates.”

Veera Lehmonen
CEO | Co-Founder
Cuckoo Workout

“On weekends I enjoy taking my French Bulldog (Luna) on walks. With Workbond, it was so cool to learn there were 20 other Frenchie owners at my work. We now get together for regular play dates on the weekend. While Luna has become extremely popular, I have met new people from different workgroups that I never would have worked with.”

Ricardo Duran
Account Specialist
SF Bay Area, CA

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